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Moralogy Research Presentation

Study Group・Results

We are giving lectures and research presentations aimed at promoting academic research of Moralogy and ethical moral research.

Modern Ethics Morality Study Group

In addition to grasping modern research trends related to ethical morality, this study group explores the solution method of the modern ethical moral problem from the standpoint of Moralogy and moral research and presents the results.


Studies in Moralogy

We publish an academic research journal that publishes research results of Moralogy twice a year.

No.79(May, 2017)

Fukuzawa Yukichi's Idea for Modern Society and Nakatsu

Nishizawa Naoko

History of Study on Shinto and Depopulation:  As a Framework of Social Change in the Broad Sense

Fuyutsuki Ritsu


A Comment on "Moeru Kido"

Shitahodo Ibuki

Special Edition:  Basic Primary Sources of Emperor Kokaku (Kokaku Tennou)

The Picture Scroll of Emperor Kokaku

(Kokaku Tennou)'s Royal Visit to Newly-Built Kyoto Palace in the Kansei Era (1789-1801)

Tokoro Isao

Extracts from "Autentic Record" of Emperor Kokaku (Kokaku Tennou) after His Abdication

Hashimoto Tomitaro


The Paper inventory of study about Emperor Kokaku Kokaku Tennou) and Emperor Ninkou (Ninkou Tennou)

Kure Asao


Posthumous Writings of Chikuro Hiroike Vol.15;  A short Explanation of Moral Science and Moralogy

Section of Chikuro Hiroike Studies


A Study on the Scientific Nature of Moralogy and the Possibility of Empirical Research in this Field

Yokota Riu

In Quest of Altruism: An Approach from Meta- and Normative Ethics

Furukawa Norikazu

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