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Seminar for Individuals

Lifelong Learning Seminar

Held at 450 Venues Nationwide! Introductory Seminar to Morality 

We wish to make a worth living full of pleasure and live in happy home and society with peace.

THE INSTITUTE OF MORALOGY believes that "the practice of high-quality morality" is important to build a better life, a more peaceful and affluent society.

This seminar will provide clues to living a happy life while dealing with various problems and issues in daily life.

Introductory Course

To Spend the Days Safely and Happily

This course introduces Moralogy in relation to the issues of modern society. This course will let participants learn the basic theory of Moralogy and the values ​​of the Supreme Morality in a systematic way. In addition, to make use of it in daily life, the course will provide an opportunity to learn the importance of contributing to creating a better society.

The greatest feature of the course is group learning. The course will deepen the learning by discussing and sharing impressions of common subjects in exploring hints to solve everyday problems. You will meet future friends and learn from each other while refreshing mentally and physically in a natural rich campus.

Dissertation Course

Deeply Root the Fundamentals of Moralogy

"Treatise on Moral Science" is authored by founder of Moralogy. This course will provide an opportunity to consider how we should live while referring to "original text of Moralogy" that summarizes the necessary solicitude and actions to live safe, peaceful, and happy life.
This seminar consists of seven courses and many managers, educational officers, and housewives have participated. The other feature is that many people attend the course with their children and grandchildren.

Seminar for Companies

Moralogy New Employee Seminar

To Acquire the Basics of Working Adults

The big key to corporate development is to foster "human power" of employees. Developing "human resources" that possess work capability and character is essential for corporate development.
For new employees with great potential, we will provide lessons to learn the basics as a business person, such as the way of thinking to raise morality, knowledge as a society member, manners in workplace etc.

Business Seminar for Mid-level / Senior Employee

Realizing the Effect of Teamwork

It is a seminar for leaders and middle managers, mid-level to senior executives, successor candidates, and executive candidates who are active in the front lines of business.
In addition to the lecture of mindset for leader, we provide 【"Mind and Skill" up course】to learn a skill in a practical workshop to create innovation within organization and 【"Mind, Skill, and Body" integration course】to experience the importance of team unity and team synergy through outdoor activity.

"Integration of Moral and Economy" Seminar

The Secret of Corporate Perpetuity is Here

This course learns the content of "Integration of Moral and Economy" advocated by Hiroike and explores how to apply that idea to management.
Human life is made up of both spiritual life and material life, and the same is true for a company. Hiroike coined the word "Dohkei-Ittai (Integration of Moral and Economy) and regarded morality, the law of spiritual life, and economy, the law of substance life, are both sides of the same coin. He also regarded the concept as one of the laws flowing in the natural world. How can we steadily develop a company? That secret is behind this law.

Seminar for Fulfilling Moral Education

Study Group for Educators

Teachers Think About the Way of Moral Education

Effective moral education is possible only when the teaching side (i.e., the humanity of the teacher) improves and the ability to influence the children develops.
Based on this idea, the educators' research group was formed in
1963. Faculty members shared the challenges of making moral education a subject and plan programs to solve them. At the same time, they learned what was a moral lifestyle like and aimed for improving their human growth and educational ability.
Under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, the study groups are held every year at about
90 venues nationwide in cooperation with local boards of education. As a place to explore the way of education in which knowledge and morality are united, it has gained good reputation from participants.

Skill-up Program

Moral Class Leadership Improvement Course

Experts mainly from current faculty will talk about the characteristics of special subjects "morality" and introduce a methodology to conduct classes for elementary and junior high school teachers in three lessons.

Dispatching Instructors to School

To a Good Adviser on Moral Education

Education officials (incumbent teachers, former principals, former education committee chairpersons, etc.) who learned Moralogy are appointed as "educator lecturers" and dispatched to carry out classes for children and training lecture for teachers.

As an adviser of moral education, they teach effective teaching method and attitude in class and contribute to the improvement of leadership skill.

Seminar for Students

Outdoor Experience Program for Elementary and Junior High School Students

A Big Adventure in Summer that Fosters the Power to Live!

Accommodation program with three to ten days for elementary and junior high school students is carried out during summer vacation. There are three venues nationwide. Participants enjoy outdoor activities such as spending a time in tents for self-catering and river play! The program will foster mind of "appreciation," "consideration," and "independence" by experiencing overcoming difficulties and by spending time in nature. There is no doubt that it will be an unforgettable summer memory!

High School Seminar

Learn! Talk! Play! Three Days to Make Ambition

Future dreams, future path, human relationships ... ....
There is only one life, how should one live? Let's learn and find guidelines for life with a lot of fellows from all over the country and staff from senior college students!

National Student Morality Study Group

A Companion who can Communicate with You is Here!
Seminar for college students in summer is planned and operated by college students who are interested in Moralogy. Through discussions and recreation with fellow students from all over the country and lectures by experts, you will establish a solid historical perspective and goals of life.
It began in
1977 and has been held for forty times now. We have more than three thousands participants so far.

Lecture by Experts

Meeting a Scholar will Broaden Your Horizons

We invite celebrities and experts who succeed in domestic and overseas and hold lectures.
The theme includes Japanese traditional culture, social problems, world situation and so forth. Why do not you explore Japan and your own way to go?