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We publish comprehensive information magazines to disseminate the results of Moralogy research and educational activities, texts and reference books for education based on Moralogy, and others  (Japanese only).

New Book

Historical Tale of “Nadeshiko” (Japanese Women)

There have been great men without mentioning whom we cannot tell a story of Japan. This is a book which describes a story of women who supported such great men. We can learn from those Japanese women who have lived gracefully but courageously, changing the adversaries to hopes.

History of the Succession of the Throne and Chikuro Hiroike

Chikuro Hiroike, the founder of “moralogy” coped with the study of Imperial Household throughout his life. The Research staff members of the Moral Science Research Center who succeed the will of Chikuro Hiroike pursue research with fresh eyes on the history of the succession of the Throne.

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Periodicals Magazines

Moral BIZ

This is a monthly magazine to give the readers opportunities to think about the morality in the workplace. In order to create an employee-friendly working environments requires each employee to care for others. This magazine supports each corporation to plan and develop employees’ training and education so as for all the employees to be united to strengthen “power of three-way satisfaction”---good for everyone.

Moral BIZ Premium

Business grows only when it has morality as a basis. Moral BIZ Premium, based on the idea of “Integration of morality and economics,” is a magazine for all the business leaders who wish to pursue quality of business administration and high moral character.

A small monthly magazine "New Morals" proposes a way of thinking and solicitude for a rich-minded life, an enjoyable family, a cheerful workplace, a good society to live, and we hope to pursue them with our readers.

"Reirou" is a "lifelong learning magazine of the mind" that explores a way of life based on Moralogy. From the perspective of "the way of the mind creates life," we provide information to foster humanity and morality, and to build a rich relationship.

"THE INSTITUTE OF MORALOGY Reports" is a comprehensive information magazine of THE INSTITUTE OF MORALOGY, the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, introducing the social education projects based on Moralogy and research of ethics.

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