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THE INSTITUTE OF MORALOGY, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation is a research and educational organization promoting research on Moralogy (moral science), ethical morality, and social education based on them. Since its foundation in 1926 by Chikuro Hiroike, LL.D., it has consistently developed research, education, and publishing business to enhance humanity and morality.


THE INSTITUTE OF MORALOGY, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation


2-1-1-Hikarigaoka Kashiwa, Chiba 277-8654


Mototaka Hiroike


August 17th, 1926

July 7th, 1947 Authorized as Incorporated Foundation

April 1st, 2010  Authorized as Public Interest Incorporated Foundation


The purpose of THE INSTITUTE OF MORALOGY is to research “supreme morality,” to disseminate social education based on Moralogy, and to contribute to international peace for people’s safety and peace.


To achieve our objective, we engage in the following activities:

-1. Research on Moralogy
2. Social education based on Moralogy
3. Publication of Moralogy-related articles
4. Subsidy for school education based on Moralogy
5. Senior citizen welfare nursing care business based on Moralogy philosophy
6. Other necessary business to achieve our purpose

Annual Budget

3.6 Billion Yen (FY2018)

Financial Resources

Membership fee, donation, income from business etc.

Number of Staff


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Associated Organizations

The Hiroike Institute of Education

We operate Reitaku University, Reitaku Junior and Senior High School, Reitaku Mizunami Junior and Senior High School, and Reitaku Kindergarten.

Nihon Dohkei Kai, General Incorporated Association

Based on philosophy of "Integration of Moral and Economy" put forward by Hiroike, we position "Character" as the most important capital to strengthen corporate's creative and lasting vitality. We also contribute to the development of sound society through the management of "Good Business for All."

Reitaku Overseas Development Association

We support aid activities in Nepal, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia striving for the contribution to peace, security, and happiness of the world through international cooperation activities in developing culture and economy in developing countries.

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