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THE INSTITUTE OF MORALOGY recognizes the importance of personal information protection in advanced information communication society and strives to protect personal information based on the following policy.


1. Acquiring personal information
We obtain personal information by legalized and fair means.


2. Use of personal information
We will use it as far as it is necessary for carrying out business, within the scope of the purpose of use indicated in acquiring personal information.

3. Management of personal information
We keep the accuracy of personal information and manage it safely.
In order to prevent loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, etc. of personal information, we will take appropriate information security measures against unauthorized access, computer virus, etc.
We prevent leakage of personal information by prohibiting to bring it or send it to outside.

 4. Disclosure / correction / suspension of use / elimination of personal information
We ensure that people have the right to request disclosure, correction, suspension of use, elimination, etc. of his/her personal information and we respond promptly when requested.

 5. Organization and regime
We appoint a personal information protection manager and manage him/her appropriately .
We conduct training on employees on personal information protection and proper management, and thoroughly handle personal information in a safe manner.

​6. Compliance with laws and regulations
In order to carry out this policy, we formulate a compliance plan for personal information protection, thoroughly inform it to employees, and maintain it while continually improving it.


Established April 1, 2005
Revised on April 1, 2010
THE INSTITUTE OF MORALOGY, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
Mototaka Hiroike, President