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 Director's Greeting

Research Center for Moral Science is the research department of THE INSTITUTE OF MORALOGY, the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation. It consists of six sections, Section of Bio and Environmental Ethics, Section of Human Science, Section of Chikuro Hiroike Studies, Section of Social Science, Section of Education Studies, and Section of History Studies, and is working on the academic progress of Moralogy through comprehensive and interdisciplinary research of ethical morality.

Director of The Moral Science Research Center

Takao Inukai

One of the main research activities is "The Modern Ethics and Morality Study Group" which is held more than ten times a year. Every time two researchers present various issues relating to ethical morals of modern society and research on its philosophical and conceptual backgrounds. In addition, we hold the "Chikuro Hiroike Study Group" which specializes in the research on vestige and thoughts of Hiroike four times a year. Moreover, we hold "Special Research Group" twice a year and invite excellent researchers from both inside and outside the institute.

In a series of research sessions, Adviser Dr. Shuntaro Itoh, Professor Eiji Hattori, and Professor Isao Tokoro, the research leader, join and discuss with us. In September, we hold "Research Center Seminar" for three days to deepen research further.

The results of research are presented in "Moralogy Research Presentation" in Kashiwa (January) and Osaka (February) every year and promoted through an academic journal, "Moralogy Study," published twice a year, various academic books and journals, and our website.

In addition, "Section of History Studies" newly founded in 2017, conducts research on modern historical issues to resolve them and will promote its achievements to inside and outside under its own research discipline.

We will steadily continue to accumulate research achievements by making full use of the expertise of each researcher. We sincerely appreciate your continued support and encouragement.


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