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President's Greeting

Let us build a nation based on the fine character of its people!

For more than 90 years since its foundation by Dr. Chikuro Hiroike, LLD., in the 15th year of Taisho (1926), the Institute of Moralogy has promoted research into ethics, morality and social education based on moralogy, a science of integrated human studies.

In any period, securing the foundations of a nation means enhancing the fine character of its people, which in turn depends on moral education. It is the mission of moral education to transmit to the next generation “the things that Japan can be proud of in the world,” qualities that have been nurtured through the ages by those who came before us―― our traditional culture and our “good national character” that embody values including diligence, honesty, propriety, frugality, thrift, perseverance, and filial piety. We assume the additional responsibility of creating a nation in which our children can truly say, “We are happy we were born in Japan.” It is essential, I believe, to practice “generational education” whereby a family constantly nurtures the morality of its members by passing on good habits of the heart from parents to children and from children to grandchildren. 


Mototaka Hiroike

From the 30th year of Heisei (2018) academic year, “morality” as a subject is being taught in elementary and middle schools throughout Japan. As a “Public Interest Incorporated Foundation” we actively support this new move, in the belief that moral education in the public sphere will have sound and substantial results.

We further intend to enkindle anew our founder’s will, and dedicate ourselves to “human resource education” with the aim of realizing for all of a joyful life filled with purpose, set amidst a warm and happy family, and a healthy society with broadminded citizens.

I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who support, cooperate and agree with the mission of our organization, and to request their continued aid and participation in our activities.

April 2018