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​What "Moralogy" Aims for

The Foundation of Moralogy

In the long history, human beings have developed a concept of ​​respecting others and built a rich civilization. On the other hand, we are facing a global crisis such as environmental destruction, ethical and religious conflicts, and devastated spirit.

Chikuro Hiroike, the founder of Moralogy, thought that the only way to solve these problems was eradicating egoism or selfish tendency in our mind and keep raising our morals. He highlighted the high-quality morals presented by world's sages who are said to be the teachers of human, and named it "Supreme Morality." In order to explore the way to practice it and to clarify its effect, he accumulated research and demonstration and finally in 1926, proposed "Moralogy" as a new academic discipline.

Chikuro Hiroike

Doctor of Law

Areas of Research

Moralogy is a comprehensive human science aiming for seeking and showing guidelines to live a better life, taking all areas of human beings, society, and nature as a teaching materials, including research on ethics and morals of Japan as well as of the world.

From Individuals to Society

People generally consider "moral" as forms and means of action. Moralogy of course care for them, but put more emphasis on solicitude (ideal way of being and thinking) underlying them. In order to live a life with full of a sense of living and pleasure, it is important to improve "action and solicitude" and raise "character" by engaging the high-quality moral (Supreme Morality) which emphasizes emotional solicitude.
We aim to realize a truly spiritually-rich and peaceful world by cultivating high character and spreading this idea to family, workplace, society, and the nation gradually.