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Section of Chikuro Hiroike Studies

This section conducts research on Chikuro Hiroike, the founder of THE INSTITUTE OF MORALOGY and The Hiroike Institute of Education.

As a scholar, Hiroike lived in Meiji, Taisho, and Showa era as an educator, and left numerous writings and lecture records etc. We collect, organize, and preserve such scattered materials, exploring history and thought of Hiroike, and pass on his image to the present.

Kazuhiro Miyashita

Manager / Senior Researcher

Research Theme
The idea of ​​the Confucian school of Song Dynasty (study), research on Chikuro Hiroike research, and contemporary development of Confucianism.

Isao Tokoro

Research Chief / Professor

Research Theme
Court political culture history during the Heian period and after Meiji era.

Hajime Ide

Visiting Professor

Research Theme
The thought and life of Chikuro Hiroike.

Norio Tachiki

Visiting Professor

Research Theme
Scientific study of morality.

Tsuyoshi Kawakubo

Senior Researcher

Research Theme

Japanese moral thought.

Tomitaro Hashimoto

Senior Researcher

Research Theme

Imperial family history, Japanese culture, morality, and martial arts.

KIM Sung Chull


Research Theme

The ideological correspondence between Japan and Korea on modern Western European civilization.

Asao Kure


Research Theme

Ancient rituals and legislation in Japan.


Research Theme

Organizing, preserving and utilizing materials related to ​Chikuro Hiroike.

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