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August 1926

​Chikuro Hiroike founded THE INSTITUTE OF MORALOGY. The date on which mimeograph of "Treatise on Moral Science" completion was chosen as the foundation date.

September 1931

​Started social education activities based on Moralogy (lecture meeting sponsored by Osaka Mainichi Newspaper Company).

April 1935

​Moral Science Laboratory (present THE INSTITUTE OF MORALOGY) was established in Kashiwa city, Chiba prefecture. Moralogy College was simultaneously established with normal course (present Reitaku University, Reitaku junior and senior high schools) and special course to learn Moralogy (proceeding lifelong education).

July 1947

​​THE INSTITUTE OF MORALOGY was certified as an Incorporated Foundation by the Ministry of Education (present Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).

April 1956

​Inauguration of "Moralogy Institute Report."

June 1958

​Inauguration of "Reirou."

May 1959

​Establishment of Mizunami Social Education Center (present Center Japan Lifelong Learning Center) in Mizunami, Gifu prefecture.

August 1963

​The first Educator Research Group was held. It is held nationwide mainly in August every year since then (sponsored by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, local board of education, etc.).

September 1969

​Inauguration of "New Morals."

November 1972

​Renamed "Moral Science Laboratory" to "THE INSTITUTE OF MORALOGY."

August 1987

​The first International Conference on Moral Education held (sponsored by Ministry of Education).

January 1989

​Mototaka Hiroike inaugurated the 4th president.

September 1991

​Business Ethics Tokyo International Conference held (sponsored by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MITI).

August 1995

​The second International Conference on Moral Education (sponsored by Ministry of Education).

October 1996

​The first Lifelong Learning Festa held. Since then, it has been held mainly every October.

June 1999

​​Inauguration of business information magazine "Dohkei-juku."

April 2000

​A Charter of THE INSTITUTE OF MORALOGY was enacted.

April 2002

​The first Moral Science International Conference was held.

November 2005

​An international symposium was held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris co-sponsored by UNESCO and International Center for Japanese Culture.

August 2009

​The second Moral Science International Conference was held.

April 2010

​THE INSTITUTE OF MORALOGY was certified as Public Interest Incorporated Foundation.

April 2011

​"New Morals" has published the five hundredth issue.


​The fiftieth Educator Research Group was held. 

July 2015

​ "URUWASHINOMORI HIKARIGAOKA" (housing for elderly with service) opened.

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