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Lifelong Learning Festa

Play and Learn at Campus!

Lifelong Learning Festa is held every year with the theme "Family ties and regional connections." We provide opportunities to think about the importance of lifelong learning, fostering young people, social welfare, and volunteering with the cooperation of local schools and organizations. We have held the event 23 times so far, and 5,000 people visit every year.


At the special stage, we have dance show by organizations based in Kashiwa city and live performances by neighborhood elementary and junior high school brass band. At the square in the center of the campus, you can experience activities such as fire prevention, face painting, big slide, monkey bridge, etc. There will be curry rice and crepes at lunch corner!

Also, we hold "Essays on Family Bonds" award ceremony. We select a prize and winning works from recruited essays of 4-6 graders in six cities nearby (7,042 entries in 2018) and have winners read their essays. The honest and warm essays of the children wrap the venue with excitement.

※Furthermore, "Lifelong Learning Festa 2018" was canceled due to the effect of Typhoon No. 24.

 We did only the "Essays on Family Bonds" award ceremony.

Various Campaigns

 We engage in campaigns and volunteer activities that contribute to the moralization of society in various parts of the country with the catchphrase "Let's hold hands. Generation and the world." We also cooperate with other groups' social contribution activities.

Family Bonds Campaign

The family is the starting point of mind education. Above all, parents and ancestors are the important beings who have inherited our "life." Taking "Children's Day" and "Mother's Day" as good opportunities, we promote the importance of "family bonds" at school and on the street with "New Morals" special campaign issue. This campaign is held at more than 250 venues every year.

Clean Up Campaign Nationwide

In order to repay to the area that is indebted to us every day, we have a simultaneous action day in August every year and we develop clean up activities throughout the country (about 50 sites). The mind gets beautiful by cleaning up environments.

Respecting Senior Campaign

Respecting people who have been doing their best to society for many years is beautiful act and should be cherished even if the time changes.
In order to widely disseminate the spirit of respecting seniors, we publish special issue of "New Morals." Through Moralogy councils and offices throughout the country, we offer opportunities to give a feeling of gratitude and warm words to seniors. It is held in
350 venues.

Cooperation for UNICEF Hand In Hand Donation

We continuously contribute to fund-raising activities hosted by the Japan UNICEF from the first time (1979) through the Moralogy councils and offices all over the country. It is held at more than 50 venues every year and we donate over 1 million yen. Areas with young people who learn Moralogy tend to donate, and they are spreading as activities chiefly by young people.

"Family Bonds" Essay and Other Recruitment Projects

250,000 Essays Were Posted!

We recruit essays, letters, messages, etc. on the theme of "family bonds," "life connections," and "respect for senior" for elementary and junior high school students. It is held at more than 130 sites every year, and 250 thousands essays are posted.
Providing opportunities for children to think of parents, brothers, grandparents, and ancestors, we aim to have them nurture gratitude and have them think and recognize the existence of the self (establishment of identity).

Higashi Matsushima City, Miyagi
Higashi Matsushima City, Miyagi
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Nabari City, Mie
Nabari City, Mie
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Mihara City, Hiroshima
Mihara City, Hiroshima
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Shirakawa City, Fukushima
Shirakawa City, Fukushima
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Radio Broadcasting

"Learn from the Mind of New Morals"

(Kawasaki FM)

A rich life, a happy family, a bright workplace, a living society ...
We are broadcasting a radio program in Kawasaki FM with the theme of "New Morals" in which such a wish was put. Director Maki Hosono of THE INSTITUTE OF MORALOGY speaks enthusiastically to live more pleasant daily life.