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Section of History Studies

We conduct interdisciplinary and empirical research on the history recognition problem which is the basic problem of the nation, that is, Japan receives unreasonable interference from neighboring countries on the grounds of history recognition. We will also work on history education issues.

Research Activities

Tsutomu Nishioka

The Head of the Laboratory

Research Theme

Comfort women problem, textbook issues such as Japan-Korea history recognition problem, Japan-Korea relations. Japanese citizen abducted by North Korea. Analysis of current situation in Korea and North Korea.

Shiro Takahashi

Part-time Commission / Visiting Professor

Research Theme

A study of education reform history under the United Nations occupation. Clinical education and moral education-Promotion of moral education with coordination of families, schools, and communities.

Tetsuhide Yamaoka


Research Theme

Insights and recommendations through the practice of citizen groups on the essence and countermeasures of historical recognition problems.

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