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Section of Social Science

We conduct research on ethical issues in the fields of economics, management, international politics, and others.

In particular, we continue to conduct research based on the idea of "Integration of Moral and Economy," and we recently play a leading role in the field of business ethics (management ethics) in Japan.​

Masahide Ono

Manager / Professor

Research Theme

Community and economics of altruism.

Toru Umeda


Research Theme

United Nations Global Compact, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Anti-Corruption.

Suminori Tokunaga

Visiting Researcher

Research Theme

Moral-based economics, Amartya Sen economics and ethics studies.

Riu Yokota

Visiting Researcher

Research Theme

Ethical decision in the organization.

Abudurexiti Abuduletifu


Research Theme

Study on the influence on identity by choice of language. Research on social psychology based on morality.

Ritsu Fuyutsuki


Research Theme

Social change and religion in postwar Japan. Transformation of religion / shrine faith in depopulated areas. Faith form of Chinese ethnic minorities.

Norikazu Furukawa

Assistant Researcher

Research Theme

Moralogy economics.

Syunsuke Munetaka

Assistant Researcher

Research Theme

Transformation of the American society by railroad (Case study of transcontinental railway).

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