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Mankind has developed a concept of human rights protection, built a civilization of science and technology, and enjoyed its benefit through a long history. On the other hand, we are facing a crisis which can endanger our existence such as global destruction of the environment, ethical and religious conflicts, and devastated spirit.


In order to overcome these crises, it is essential to establish a new guideline of order and sense of values ​​based on the idea of eradicating selfishness and improving morality. The fundamental principle lies in the high-moral embracing ethical harmony of justice and mercy presented by world's sages, which are consistent with the laws of nature and truths of the mankind history.

Chikuro Hiroike praised that moral principle as the highest moral and founded a new science "Moralogy" as a comprehensive human science and explored the way to practice it and to clarify its effect. Succeeding the founder's will, we promote the research and educational activities of ethical moral as the basis of a new human civilization, and we aim to realize the survival, development, security, peace, and happiness of mankind.

About Us


Public Interest Project

1. Research Project

We conduct research on Moralogy, publish its results in academic journals and specialized books, and foster researchers.

2. Social Education Project
We conduct lectures, seminars etc. widely to the society in order to provide an opportunity to learn Moralogy,  in addition to training for specific topics. We compile and publish textbooks, reference books, and reference magazines of Moralogy.

3. Social Education Activity Project
In order to promote Moralogy education, we contribute to the society through various activities with our fellows who educated Moralogy and in favor of our educational activities.

4. Publishing Project
We compile and publish listing magazines to promote Moralogy research and education.

5. Grant Project

We provide subsidies to schools promoting research and education based on Moralogy.

Revenue Project

1. Elderly Welfare Care Business
2. Welfare-Related Service Business

In response to social demand accompanying the arrival of a super-elderly society, we conduct the nursing care insurance business, including the operation of the "URUWASHINOMORI HIKARIGAOKA" residential housing for elderly with services, nursing home care business, nursing care prevention business, visiting nursing care business, and visiting nursing care preventive business.