Public Interest Foundation Corporation,

will contribute to society through research and education of ethics.

We promote research on ethics/morality and construction of a worldwide network of researchers.
Seminar / Lecture
We promote social contribution activities to promote social education based on Moralogy (lifelong learning of mind) and to create a society full of morality.
Seminar · Lecture
Based on Moralogy, we hold several seminars, courses, and lectures.
We publish magazines, texts and reference books based on Moralogy, and others.

What Moralogy aims for

Moralogy is a technical term coined by Chikuro Hiroike from the Latin word mores (meaning morality) and the suffix -logy (meaning science), to designate the conception of a new science of morals. Moralogy revealed that learning and practicing the high moral spirit of the saints of the world, along with ethical morals developed as customs and customs such as etiquette and manner, improves personal morality and character, and is the foundation for realizing human happiness and world peace.